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About the IPv6 Forum CTO Executive Committee

Contributed by forum on Aug 24, 2005 - 04:25 PM

IPv6 Forum CTO Jim Bound explains the purpose of the IPv6 Forum CTO Executive Committee.

<img align=right width=80 src="/im/people/jim_bound_2003.gif"> "The IPv6 Forum CTO Executive Committee (CTO-excom) charter is to support the missions and objectives of the IPv6 Forum and IPv6 Forum CTO Office, defined within the IPv6 Forum mission statements and bylaws. The CTO-excom will be an advisory body to the IPv6 Forum CTO, to ratify or verify documents presented to the CTO-excom from within the IPv6 Forum, and perform critical technical investigation for the IPv6 Forum as required."

View the CTO Exectutive Committee membership.


Welcome to the IPv6 Forum

IPv6 Forum president Latif Ladid offers a welcome and introduction to the IPv6 Forum.

Jim Bound

see interview.
Jim also led an IPv6 Forum's CTO Executive Committee.

In Memoriam Jim Bound

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