'Take the Internet where no other network has been before' - Vint Cerf, IPv6 Forum Honorary Chairman
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Global IPv6 Summit in Korea
Empowering Users with IPv6
June 14 - 15, 2007
COEX Grand Conference Room (4th Floor)
<a href="http://www.ipv6.or.kr/summit2007" target=top>http://www.ipv6.or.kr/summit2007

The Global IPv6 Summit in Korea 2007 sponsored by MIC (The Ministry of Information and Communication), IPv6 Forum Korea and IPv6 Forum International will be held on June 14~15 at the COEX in Seoul, Korea.

The Internet has already grown and changed into an essential factor of our life. These changes also make us to change our way of thinking about communication into ubiquitous way. Now IPv6 is being considered as the core protocol in implementing the ubiquitous network. Korea is driving the IT 839 Strategy, which is a master plan for the IT industry, in an effort to gain more growth momentum from the IT sector in Korea. IPv6 will play a key role in realizing Ubiquitous Network, new IT services and growth engines in Korea.

The Global IPv6 Summit in Korea 2007 will consist of keynote speeches, technical and deployment sessions. At this summit, many of world-wide experts including the President of IPv6 Forum International, telecommunication operators, IPv6 equipment vendors, and IPv6 application developers will report on their current status and the IPv6 based Convergence, deployment and business cases. During the conference, there will be exhibitions showing the recent achievements of equipments, services and applications in the IPv6 industry. Especially, this summit will focus on the emerging technology and future internet issues such as 6LoWPAN and Routing Issues, Network-based localized mobility management Issues, Integration of MANET and NEMO technologies (MANEMO). Furthermore, there will be several presentations related to recent trends in R&D and standards on IPv6 deployment from the view point of ISPs, IPv6 equipment vendors and service providers.
As the president of IPv6 Forum Korea, I would like to welcome all of you to come to this 7th Global IPv6 Summit Event in Korea. Please come and join us in Seoul : <a href="http://www.ipv6.or.kr/summit2007" target=top>http://www.ipv6.or.kr/summit2007

Dr. Hyeong-Ho Lee
IPv6 Forum Korea, President