'Take the Internet where no other network has been before' - Vint Cerf, IPv6 Forum Honorary Chairman
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The New Internet
<IMG WIDTH=155 SRC="/im/events/ist2006.gif"> IST 2006
Helsinki, 21-23 November 2006.

The New Internet: IPv6 Drivers & Challenges - The European IPv6 Roadmap

The European IPv6 task Force will attract all interested stakeholders to discuss the short term and long term drivers of IPv6 deployment in Europe. Europe's leadership in the cellular market will have a second round with 3G and IPv6 will play in a crucial role. The deployment of Broadband is accelerating and paving the way for home networking and multimedia services. This session will address the next big drivers based on IPv6 such as car-2-car, IPTV, Two-way SAT, GRID Computing and beyond.

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