'Take the Internet where no other network has been before' - Vint Cerf, IPv6 Forum Honorary Chairman
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<IMG WIDTH=155 height=80 SRC="/im/logos/ist.jpg"> <a href="http://www.ipv6-convergence-vienna.net/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1" target=top>IPv6 Convergence: EU Expert Conference
Vienna, 1-2 June 2006.
IPv6 provides the necessary basis for realising a global information society and is laying the ground for a convergence process between fixed and mobile as well as between data, voice and video through the Internet. Examples of such converging markets includes: transportation, media (Triple play - data, TV and voice), mobile operators (IMS - Internet Multimedia Subsystem), consumer/device market (pervasive computing) and defence (network centric warfare. This event builds on the existing IPv6 roadmap and will present results of a public consultation to be launched on the IPv6 developments, specific workshops with the public sector (including defence) and the media sector. Free registrations are now open for the event.