'Take the Internet where no other network has been before' - Vint Cerf, IPv6 Forum Honorary Chairman
The IPv6 Forum
The New Internet
Australian IPv6 Summit
Date: October 31 to November 1, 2005
Canberra ACT Australia

Internet Protocol Version 6 is a backwards-compatible replacement for the current Internet protocol, IPv4, which will provide inbuilt mobility, quality, manageability and security. The available address space will rise from about 4 x 109 to 3 x 1038 unique IP addresses, allowing for nearly unlimited numbers of systems and networks.

Large-scale deployment of Ipv6 is being planned now in Asia, North America and Europe - the US Department of Defense aims to transition all of its networking to IPv6 by 2008. Australian organisations must position themselves to take advantage of the opportunities IPv6 offers to innovative users of the Internet and developers of new technology.

The first Australian IPv6 Summit will present expert speakers from leading companies and research organisations around the world: make certain that you're up-to-date with the latest in IPv6 developments.

See: <a href="http://isoc-au.org.au/ipv6summit/" target=top>http://isoc-au.org.au/ipv6summit/.