Cocquet, Patrick

Patrick COCQUET, IPv6 Forum Vice President, founded 6WIND in July 2000 where he acted as CEO for two years. He is today the Chairman of the company. 6WIND addresses the market of new generation smart access and edge routers, based on IPv4 and IPv6 standards. The 6WINDGate range of products provides all the new IP features including Security, QoS, Mobility, Multicast and the IPv4/v6 transition mechanisms. Patrick Cocquet is also Vice President of the IPv6 Forum he founded in July 1999 with Latif Ladid (Ericsson Telebit).

Patrick Cocquet started his career with Dassault Electronique where he spent significant time in designing protocols and communication architectures for advanced professional and military systems. He was also actively participating as an expert to many international scientific organisations and was particularly involved in the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) works. His last position before founding 6WIND was Head of the Networks R&D at Thales (previously Thomson-CSF) corporate level.

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