Steenman, Henk

Henk Steenman (Director AT&T ICoE) joined AT&T in 1996, following a career in the Dutch Academic networking environment. His main area of expertise covers architecture and design of wide area IP networks. He has a background in the interconnection of IP networks, peering relations and complex routing design.

Throughout his professional career in the data communications industry Henk participated in different public bodies relating to the Internet. He represents AT&T in several public bodies in EMEA, like RIPE, Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) and LINX. Since 2 years he holds the position of chair of the executive of the AMS-IX.

Henk participates in different working groups in the IETF related to IPv6 technology with a focus on IPv4/IPv6 interoperability and IPv4 to IPv6 transition issues.

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