Palet, Jordi

Jordi Palet has been working in computers, networking and telecomm business during the last 20 years. He has been related to technical, marketing and product management in several companies, and works as CEO/CTO at Consulintel, Madrid. He has been involved in the IPv6 Forum, as chair of the Education & Awareness Working Group, since the Forum foundation. He is a frequent lecturer and speaker in several Universities and events (Spain and Rest of the World), mainly about IPv6 and Next Generation Networks related issues (QoS, multicast, MIP, security, mobility, ...), including complete tutorials. In the last 3 years, he has presented over 60 times.

Jordi is active member of non-profit organizations for the dissemination of technologies and telecommunications/Internet. He is an active member of the European IPv6 Task Force, and he was member of the Steering Committee at @asLAN, during several years, and then elected Vice-President and President. Jordi is involved in several R&D projects and was the designer of Euro6IX, responsible of the proposal preparation and further negotiation with the EC, and is the Scientific Project Coordinator.

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