Chown, Tim

Dr. Tim Chown leads the IPv6 activity in the Pervasive Computing and Networks (PCaN) Group at the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton (UK). He is active in deploying IPv6 at the University, while also including IPv6 in lectured courses such as Advanced Communications and Networks.

The PCaN Group has been studying IPv6 since 1996, and has had native IPv6 connectivity to the world-wide 6bone network since July 1997. Southampton was a partner on the European 6INIT IPv6 deployment project, and now on the wireless IPv6 follow-up project 6WINIT and the new European 6NET and Euro6IX projects. Within the UK, he leads the JISC-funded Bermuda 2 academic IPv6 deployment project, and within Europe he is leader of the IPv6 WG activity on the TERENA TF-NGN project. Southampton is a member of the IPv6 Forum, and Dr. Chown is co-chair of the Forum's Education and Awareness working group, and member of the EU and UK IPv6 Task Forces.

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