Mankin, Allison

Allison Mankin has worked for USC/ISI from the DC area since 1994, and she has been conducting research on Internet topics since 1986. She is currently IETF Internet Engineering Steering Group Co-Area Director for Transport, and co-chair of the RMT and TSV Working Groups. She also served as an IETF Internet Engineering Steering Group Area Director 1993-97 and directed the IP Next Generation selection process during that time, with Scott Bradner. She founded the IRTF Reliable Multicast Research Group. Her projects have ranged from TCP performance, infrastructure security, and IPv6 through multimedia applications (she was one of the inventors of the MBONE), and have been supported by DARPA, NSF, Sprint Corporation and Microsoft Research. She designed the CAIRN testbed and currently serves as its experiment coordinator. She serves on the Abilene Technical Advisory Committee and several other boards and directorates. Her publications include the book IPng (Addison Wesley 1996).

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