Guardini, Ivano

Ivano Guardini received the degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Padova (Italy) in 1995. During the same year, he joined Telecom Italia Lab (formerly CSELT), the research center of the Telecom Italia Group. Presently he is a project leader within the networking department. His main interest is the research on the new version of the Internet Protocol (IPv6) and on advanced IP-based network solutions for the provision of data services to mobile users. He is one of the key persons within the Telecom Italia Lab IPv6 site, which is connected to the 6bone network as a backbone node since the beginning of 1996. He has contributed to the IETF working groups dealing with IPv4 to IPv6 transition providing several presentations on BGP4+ routing stability issues in the 6bone and on advanced IPv6 transition tools and deployment scenarios. He is co-author of RFC 3053, which presents the Tunnel Broker mechanism as a solution to ease IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel setup and management.

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