Finkelson, Dale

Dale Finkelson is the Network engineer for the University of Nebraska. In this position he is responsible for the design of the campus network. He is also responsible for the Universities connections to the Commodity Internet and to the Internet 2 networks. Dale also serves as the chair for the Internet 2 IPv6 working group. As such he is involved in designing and deploying an IPv6 network within Abilene. Prior to this position Dale was the technical director for MIDnet, one of the original NSF sponsored regional networks. In that position he oversaw the growth of MIDnet from a 56K network connecting 8 sites to a network with over 100 sites using links from 56K to DS-3. Dale was also involved in the formation and development of the Great Plains Network, a regional gigapop operating out of Kansas City. GPN is the regional connection site for 8 state networks in the great plains.

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