Dattatreya, Hemanth

Hemanth Dattatreya is a software engineer at Hewlett Packard - India Software Operations located in Bangalore, India. He is the President of the IPv6 Forum India and co-founded the forum in the summer of 2000. He spearheads the acceleration of adoption of IPv6 in India with his evangelism of the technology. He has contributed several articles and technical papers on IPv6 and is keen to see it deployed soon in India. He actively encourages student participation by guiding them with their projects and technical papers.

Hemanth is the chair of the IPv6 Activity Group in the IMTC forum. He is also a member of the IEEE and the Bangalore Linux Users Group that actively participates in trade shows in India. His current areas of interest include VoIP applications, QoS mechanisms and Billing systems.

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